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Vaping is changing – and it’s the Law – How will it affect you?

Do you know about the TPD?

On May 20th 2016, Article 20 of the Tobacco Products Directive comes into effect across the entire EU area.

This new law will change vaping in the UK and Ireland as we know it. This is what it means for you?

Here’s what we all will by push to:

  • Maximum eliquid bottle size – 10ml
  • Maximum nicotine strength – 20mg/ml (2%)
  • Maximum cartridge or tank size – 2ml
  • Leak-proof refilling mechanism
  • Consistent nicotine dose from devices
  • Product testing and notification

Maximum refill container (eliquid bottle) size – 10ml

Whilst this is annoying it’s not the end of the world. Our production facility is ready to switch to 10ml only production from the 1st May 2016 and we will offer our customers volume discounts that will make it as cheap as possible for you to buy your eliquid.

Maximum nicotine strength – 20mg/ml (2%)

Again, while frustrating there is a relatively small number of customers this will affect. The highest strength we will be able to sell will be 18MG (or 1.8%) to allow a small margin.

Maximum cartridge or tank size – 2ml

For less experienced or less experimental vapers this may not be an issue, for advanced vapers it’s a little more complicated but it may force a period of rapid product redesign. We will keep you all posted on this but rest assured that we will offer as wide a range of compliant products as possible, catering for all levels of vaper.

Leak-proof re-filling mechanism

Based on current understanding of this, our bottles already “tick the box” in terms of the maximum drops per minute to be considered “leak-proof”.

Consistent nicotine dose from devices

As anyone who vapes (or smokes/smoked) knows, this is clearly not based in reality. Vaping, is an alternative to smoking and not a quit aid and cannot be administered like a medicine, any more than a cigarette could, and this is what this part of the law is effectively saying. It could (and should) be considered impossible and there will be further clarification on this to follow from the MRHA. We are aware of at least two big name hardware manufacturers who are working on compliant devices, but as the required spec has still not been defined nothing is concrete.

Product testing and notification

All products to be sold beyond May 20th 2016 will require a product submission to the MHRA to be able to be sold in the EU.

What is NOW VAPING doing about this?

We will be reducing our eliquid product range by removing a few of our options:

  1. 30ml Bottles  – we are required to remove this size by law
  2. 24mg/ml (2.4%) we are required to remove this strength by law

We want our customer to know two important things:

  1. We will ensure our products are legally compliant when the law comes into effect.
  2. We will ensure our customers do not unnecessarily pay more for their eliquid as a result of this law change.

Sadly the TPD is not going away. Whatever you do, stay informed!

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